Vetiver - Thing of the Past

Vetiver - Houses

Vetiver - Hurry On Sunrise

Vetiver - I Must Be In A Good Place Now

This band is on heavy repeat in my house. "Thing of the Past" is a cover album of old singer songwriters - american music, folk/rock - of the late 60's early 70's but it's unlike any cover album i have heard before i had to really seek out the original recordings and Vetiver really brings thier own style to these tunes. here is the track list and original artist:
Houses [Elyse Weinberg]
Roll on Babe [Derroll Adams]
Sleep a Million Years [Dia Joyce]
Hook & Ladder [Norman Greenbaum]
To Baby [Biff Rose]
Road to Ronderlin [Ian Matthews]
Lon Chaney [Garland Jeffreys]
Hurry on Sundown [Dave Brock, Hawkwind]
Swimming Song [Loudon Wainwright III]
Blue Driver [Michael Hurley]
Standing [Towns Van Zandt]
I Must Be in a Good Place Now [Bobby Charles]*

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Anonymous said...

You can hear Garland Jeffreys' original "Lon Chaney" on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFwhTx_hVIQ. Amazing cut!