working in the new PUC building: Ned Kahn Install

Gizmo was hired recently to fabricate and install Ned Kahn's "rainwall" in the new Public Utilities Commision building, the "greenest building in America".  Ned Kahn also designed a piece of art for the exterior of the building called firefly.  the back of my head made the slide show: Bay area Biz Talk: New PUC Building


i love this man

one of the best, crater farmer's new video for the other shore. my hat goes off to you old friend.

building an exhibit with the giz

Recently opened to the public is cal academy's new earthquake exhibit. We built the "earthquake preparedness" section of the exhibit at Gizmo. What should you do before, during, and after an earthquake? The answers are explained through hands-on activities and interactive displays. more pics on cal academy's Facebook page

the show came down

A couple shots from the de-installation of Post Haste, a group show of art inspired by the modern infrastructural decay of the USPS not to be confused with "mail art". i made a totem pole, an American symbol that parallels the "out with the old in with the new" mentality of modern correspondence, crammed with mail from the years past. inspired from the idiom "bottom of the totem pole", the lowest drawers were filled with two months of saved junk mail and the top drawer is filled with the sweetest letters from grandmas. Thank you Jayna for inviting me to be apart of this.

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