top 10 albums of 2009

#10. the cave singers - welcome joy the cave singers - Vv

#9 deer tick - born on flag day deer tick - friday xiii

#8. heartless bastards - the mountain heartless bastards - the mountain

#7. lee fields and the expressions - my world lee feilds and the expressions - honey dove

#6. almighty defenders - the almighty defenders almighty defenders - all my loving

#5. phosphorescent - to willie phosphorecent - i gotta get drunk

#4. cotton jones - paranoid cocoon cotton jones - gotta cheer up

#3. the dutchess & the duke - sunrise/sunset the dutches and the duke - let it die

#2. vetiver - tight knit vetiver - rolling sea

#1. dan auerbach - keep it hid dan auerbach - trouble weighs a ton

love and happiness


lovemakers and heartbreakers

another great show at amsterdam last night. thanks for coming out and showing support.

sitting bull - mixed media, 24" x 16"

wyatt earp - mixed media, 16" x 16"

oakley - mixed media, 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

dale - mixed media, 7" x 5 1/2"

poole - mixed media, 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

phosphorecent - to willie

willie nelson is a king amongst men or at least phosphorescent thinks so. in 1977 willie nelson recorded a tribute album to lefty frizzle titled "to lefty from willie." now the band phosphorescent is returning the favor by recently releasing an album covering some of willie's greatest tunes. it's a real hummdinger.

phospherecent - walkin

heartless bastards - the mountain

michael hurley - wildegeeses

charlie poole and the north carolina ramblers - shootin' creek

vetiver - on the other side


sketches at paolotron's studio

i haven't drawn from a model since college and forgot what i was missing. it was just like riding a bike.

old new work

fools gold - 24"x6", acrylic on wood.

in the hanging tree - 35 1/2" x 21 1/2", mixed media on an ikea table top.

buffalo bill's wild west - 16 1/2" x 20 1/2", mixed media on board.

custom frame


New World Remo

logo for new world remodeling and construction.

Since the end of Woodminster season i started working for the tech directors contracting business, New World Remodeling and Construction. We've been rebuilding a deck in the oakland hills for the last five six weeks. starting with structural repairs, we moved into replacing the existing "chicken-wire" hand railing with brand new redwood hand railing around the entire deck, a custom front door, custom doggy door, and finally a beautiful stain and sealer refinish. a camera phone photo doesn't really do the place justice. The Weiland family was thrilled with the results and we celebrated with a dog show and hot cupper. thanks for all the delicious coffee breaks. mum brews one hell of a pot.

ninjasonik and sucka pants

i found this video on sucka pants. dig it.


chillaxe - 3 things that are way cooler than me

windsurf - wierd energy

sorcerer - push 2 freeze

boris - Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol.2


SNIFF teaser

here's the trailer of a film i worked on last year. Sniff is having it's first screening tomorrow 6:30 and 9:00 @ the Grand Lake Theater. come check it out. you can also learn more about the film at their website, SNIFF.


Women - Woe Man

the whitest boy alive - done with you

smog - i could drive forever

atlas sound - river card

the brian jonestown massacre - anenome

the animals - bring it on home to me


Palo Palotron Esquire Salazar, curator extraordinaire. all the photos in the slide show and below are property of palotron. CHECK OUT HIS BLOG. Hats off to you sir, there was gackle of great work on the wall. Thanks.

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east coast tour usa

the bouncing soles - ECFU!

things i have checked off of my bucket list.
.visit the place my father was born
.see a fire fly
.buy a hoagie from wa wa's