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Pin Point Heratige Museum

Gizmo was hired to fabricate a heritage musuem in the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' home town, Pinpoint, Georgia. the project was amazing and i think everyone is happy with the way it turned out. the New York Times found the project slightly controversial because of the judges relationship with a major donator to the museum, Harlan Crowe. "In the most recent case, the Times reports that Harlan Crowe, a close friend of Thomas who once gave his wife $500,000 for Liberty Central (a Tea Party-affiliated group,) is now financing a multimillion-dollar restoration of an old Georgia cannery where Thomas’ mother once worked, at the Thomas’ behest. The problem here is that the ethics code that binds federal judges says judges “should not personally participate” in raising money for charitable endeavors, out of concern that donors might feel pressured to give or entitled to receive favorable treatment from the judge." no comment, watch this video.



off the grid

building willey's cabin. the sleeper.


goal: to make new furniture out of old furniture i find on the street. this is a table built entirely (minus glue, 4 screws, and 4 leveling feet) from the pull out table leaves of an oak table. i disassembled the leaf pulls and used the material as legs.

ugly loves exits

ULE is a literary and visual collaboration with my friend ciara fox made possible by the mail. thank you USPS.

goin' to georgia

i fabricated fake canned crab meat from toilet paper, white glue, acrylic paint, and a polyurethane finish. years of spitball research paid off. welcome to the big leagues.


waves - king of the beach - king of the beach

best coast - crazy for you - summer mood

neon indian - psychic chasms - deadbeat summer

the detroit cobras - mink rat or rabbit - slummer (the slum)

kurt vile - constant hitmaker - classic rock in spring/freeway in mind

OMCA muir

The OMCA has opened A Walk In the Wild: a look back on the wildlife of John Muir and his continuing effect on modern naturalist and lovers of the great outdoors. Gizmo geared up with GGE to fabricate a hands-on, educational, outdoor experience inside thick concrete walls of the oakland museum. it's an excellant show come check it out or (runner up) go to the woods and experience nature first hand.

it takes a village - OMCA blog

Oakland local

my chalk drawing on the oakland museum walls.