Gregory Jacobsen


riding the rails

This is a graphic i created from compiling a couple amtrack maps. This documents our travels stop by stop, round trip starting in Santa Barbra and ending in Santa Barbra. We got on a packed, six our delayed, ice crusted, hell ova' train from chicago last night in Milwaukee, WI. To kill some time during the delay peter and i headed to the Potawatomi Casino to give some money back to the Native American people of the upper Mississippi River region. The poor saps could have used it. The night before we dropped off peter and david at the front doors of the casino and after a few hours at the roulette table they took a taxi home.


box car racing

Me and my uncle we went riding down,
south colorado over some Texas town.

Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise

Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

I have piled into a train with my uncle. heading from union station in LA to union station in Chicago in some back water baggage car. no smoking, no quitting, no deep dish pizza.



These are a couple behind the scenes shots from the feature film, SNIFF, in production at KPIX studios in SF. I've been working with writer director Barry Stone for the last couple of weeks as the art director of his new comical documentary. The project started as a student film in the seventies and has developed into a heart warming, feature length comedy abiut mans best friend. The costumes were designed by Angela Thomas.


MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.
Straight from the bowels of BLU. Each time i watch this i am amazed how figures movements work with the space they are created in. It gives the characters a grounded reality instead of a forced reality, like a projected animation on a wall. time lapses allways blow my mind. What did you do the last three days...? this guy spent all waking hours painting socio-political, free speech, awesomeness all over the walls of Buenos Aires. BLU's been busy. check out his blog. most recently he spent 14 days painting a mural in Berlin. Here is a link to his BLOG