Kenny and the Kasuals

kenny and the kasuals - journey to tyme

the seeds - i can't seem to make you mine

the black lips - let it grow



young neon be neoon tonight , 7.5"x11" mixed media

F. A. M. , 7.5"x11" mixed media


we've only just begun...

Singing in the Rain

Singing has come and gone. this was a great set form designer Gary Barton. Easily the highlight of the show was rigging the rain gag and engineering a way to drain a steady, four minute flow of falling water off the stage. This sidewalk flat was the hero piece and it wouldn't have been half as beautiful with out the final touches from Eddy Dunn, the tech director, Gary B and Ed Cassel, the scenics.


Sarah Backer Fashion Design

81/2"x11" photoshop CS2
this was a graphic i created for a friend's portfolio cover.


Never a dull moment

pyro tech 101, face shields are for the clouds.


I made a cake

i'm hopping we can rent this thing out to escort services in the bay area. Really, who doesn't want to see some scantily clad hottie jump out of giant cake. Is this like the pogo stick and big band music? is the cake gag out of style or do people remember how to party? hard...