top 10 albums of 2010

#10. lower dens - twin hand movement - tea lights

#9 caribou - swim - hannibal

#8. band of horses - infinite arms - older

#7. ty segall - melted - alone

#6. the fresh and onlys - play it strange - summer of love

#5. the black keys - brothers - black mud

#4. phosphorescent - here's to taking it easy - nothing was stolen(love me foolishly)

#3. kurt vile - square shells - i know i got religion

#2. paul carry - ghost of a man - the curse of china bull

#1. deerhunter - halcyon digest - he would have laughed


TML-the music link trade show booth

i've been working on the TML - the music link's trade show booth for NAMM 2011, January 13-16 @ the Anaheim Convention Center.



I'm in an end of the year "Collision Course" Group Show @ Brief Space

Monday December 6th 2010, 7pm-11pm
One Night Where Art Worlds Collide

...Brought to you by

Brief Space www.Briefspaces.com
LowerBranch www.LowerBranch.com
EpicSauce www.EpicSauce.com
Paolo Salazar www.PaoloSalazar.com


punch brothers - antifogmatic

punch brothers - rye whiskey

phosphorescent - the mermaid parade

lefty frizzel - look what thoughts will do

the crater family - fond affection

vetiver - won't be me



October 8th a new nebula video and under wire beat on wired's blog. read Evan Hansen's post here, watch the video , and wait for more...
"(Below) is a teaser of what’s to come in the video series: Creating the Nebula. Stay tuned for the incredible first full-length segment, coming up soon."


short video of the nebula from RJ

this is a quick look at Rueben Margolin's Nebula as shot and posted by Ried "el capitawn" Johnston our lead man on the installation, big ups mon ami. 445 stainless steel cables connected to 15,000 reflectors, it has 9000 points of articulation, and all driven by a single motor. no magic just bad math.

gizmo in dallas make nebula

on the train they call the city of new orleans