A Painting of my Father

My Father, 16"x20", mixed media.

Three generations of Robertson's

Sideshow @ PNATB

Playland's first art show was a complete success. Congratulations Mr. Bock, my hat's off to you.

Snake King Eats the Human Squid, 11"x14" Graphite on paper.


Queen King

The Queen Ari King of Ghana leaves in a week to hunt an exotic breed of lemur, seen here, forcefully captured from it's wild origins deep in the jungles of Africa. she unraveled her plan over a burrito of joining the peace corps and teaching computer literacy to the youth of western Ghana to find the adorable animal so she could tickle it Best of luck in the peace corps.

Fleet Foxes at the Fox Theater

Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood

After closing its doors forty-three years ago, the Fox Theater was reopened in February 09 with Social Distortion. Last night i had the chance to see the fleet foxes melt faces. the band's self-described "baroque harmonic pop jams" sound inspired by the classic Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, but these werewolves of flannel still bring original arrangements and beautiful vocal work to create a sound of their own. Best of 09.

The Epic Hike

Scott Junker, my future brother-in-law, and i blazed a trail through the backyards of Mammoth Mountain mansions, stumbled upon a sweet zipline and mini-board, shredded, avoided being eaten by a mama brown bear with cub, then split a pitcher of beer and hit the coozie...hard.

The Long Beach GP

Back On The Farm

Enid Dorothy Belden Robertson Logan 12/13/1922 - 04/26/2008

Canon Powershot G10

I picked up the new Canon Power Shot G10 while i was back in LA for the weekend. This a point and shoot that packs a solid Hawaiian punch. It's a 14.7 mega pixel, acts like slr (manual focus, changeable lenses, easy bracketing, manual f-stop and shutter speed controls, etc). it takes great pictures and is less mass to carry around than a D40/60. I'm really pleased with the image quality and highly recommend this camera to anyone looking.


Playland's first art show

I know the question your all asking, where is Garret going to put all this new sweet artwork? There is already so much memorabilia packed into this museum which is piled on top of a functioning office. You just got to wonder where's it all gonna go...you're just going to have to come down and see it for your self.

Friday, April 24th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. The opening is free to attend, and admission to the rest of the museum will be reduced to $10 for this special Friday night event. MAD PUNCH AND PIE, be there.

Lander Process

After finishing the film in carmel i found myself back on the hunt for work. I received a call from my old pal Garret Bock at Playland about doing another ad for Lander. I had five days to come up with something and i'm pleased to say they liked it.
The group at Lander really connected the header, "Now more than ever, the world needs great auditors", we worked out a bunch of kinks through a series of drafts and finally came to something we are both pretty happy with.

figure drawings, graphite on bristol board 11"x14"

Layers in photoshop CS2 8.5"x11" 300dpi

My favorite proof, photoshop CS2 8.5"x11" 300dpi

The final, photoshop CS2 8.5"x11" 300dpi

Thanks for the work Richard, always a pleasure.