Lander Process

After finishing the film in carmel i found myself back on the hunt for work. I received a call from my old pal Garret Bock at Playland about doing another ad for Lander. I had five days to come up with something and i'm pleased to say they liked it.
The group at Lander really connected the header, "Now more than ever, the world needs great auditors", we worked out a bunch of kinks through a series of drafts and finally came to something we are both pretty happy with.

figure drawings, graphite on bristol board 11"x14"

Layers in photoshop CS2 8.5"x11" 300dpi

My favorite proof, photoshop CS2 8.5"x11" 300dpi

The final, photoshop CS2 8.5"x11" 300dpi

Thanks for the work Richard, always a pleasure.

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