Junior Kimbrough - All night Long

Junior Kimbrough - Nobody But You

The Black Keys - Nobody But You

R. L. Burnside - Poor Black Mattie

Kings of Leon - Dusty

Muddy Waters - Still a Fool

the first track comes from Junior Kimbrough's first album, All Night Long, recorded in 1992 in a local church with Junior's son Kent "Kinney" Kimbrough (aka Kenny Malone) on drums and R. L. Burnside's son Garry Burnside on bass guitar. The Black Keys put out the album, Chulahoma, where all the songs on the record where written by Junior and performed by the Keys. The title of the album is a reference to Chulahoma, Mississippi the location of "Juniors Place" a juke joint purchased and ran by the family past Juniors death in 1998 until it burned down in 2000. I threw in a couple other favorites of mine. i hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

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