The Prankster - on set

I am working as a PA in the art department of "The Prankster". The film tells the story of a group of high school intellectuals (nerds), rooted arounded the satirical comedy of playing pranks on their dean, who learn the true value of adolescence and the importance of being an individual and growing up. Basically it's the brain child of a coming of age high school drama and revenge of the nerd's 4.

Cast as the Dean of Tres Rios High is Curt Fuller. I have always loved this guy - especially in Wayne's World.

This is a behind the scenes look of Kurt being slimmed after his sexual relations with the principle are revealed to the student body at the spring dance.

Here is some really great behind the sceens slime footage from Ghostbuster's II - also starring Kurt Fuller - and the origin of SLIME. make your way through the Bill Murray mamajama and fuzzy wrap party footage (side note: the music playing in the background during the wrap party is "Johnny Come Home" by the Fine Young Cannibals - top notch) to see how people got slimed before cg. There's nothing like these old special effects. Gollum's got nothing on Slimer.

you can check out more of the production's clips on YouTube and their website.

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