Aaron Horky - “Detritus”

While this really isn't news to Aaron Horky fans out there, because the show is long gone and the print is sold out, it's still cool. on Thursday, September 4 my buddy John, my girl Arya, and i went to the the massive “Catalyst” group show at FIFTY24SF Gallery displaying a handful of talent. Artists Included: Aaron Turner, Josh Graham, Seldon Hunt, Stephen Kasner, Aaron Horkey, Florian Bertmer, Justin Bartlett and Dwid Hellion. Curated by Brett Aronson. It seemed like everyone was there for a limited edition print of Horkey's selling for $360. All the Horkey fanboys packed into a single file line at the top floor of Upperplayground drooling over there chance to walk away with a little piece of Minneapolis' best. My boy John waited in line for 2 hours!

Here is what Aaron had to say about the piece:

“Embellished with 5 colors - acrylics, gouache and colored pencil. Each individual piece includes it’s unique print number hand rendered in paint, cradled inside the Detritus emblem at the bottom of the print. Surrounding flourishes on each number have been added using metallic gold colored pencil, also unique to each print. 12 egg cases within the illustration have also been rendered and the print number for each print has been painted into the key face, upper right corner of the image.”

Check out Horkey and and his crew at http://www.burlesquedesign.com/

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