Smog - Knock Knock

Smog - Knock Knock - Held

I was introduced to this artist by my friend Jeff Carter while driving back to our old home town in his beat up ford ranger. His sister had just been wed to graphic artist. A real nice guy, drove a BMW and always kept his hair short. like a good guy should, he let his girlfriend ride shotgun. i piled into the back of the cab which had no seats. trying to make the trip as comfortable as a six foot grown man crammed into a 2'x4'x5' space can i laid my body down on my back and used a shoe box for a pillow. in the front pocket of my shirt was an undeveloped roll of film with her picture on it. she sat on a 1997 Chevy corvette also known as the "C5". when describing the "C5", road testers used the word "refined", which was not how previous Corvettes were labeled. Before high performance meant a sacrifice in comfort. she could get up to 172 mph, went 0-60 in 4.72 seconds, and had cup holders.

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